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Engineered Structural Support

"As to the repair; a slope of rubble and fill, a design that was not reviewed by the City of Bridgeport Engineering Department or any other engineering firm for concurrence before the instigation of the repair work. No other agency, organization or adjoining landowners were involved for review. Though the area may be aesthetically pleasing, the long term viability of the structural integrity is questionable. It is imprudent to place any other utility structure in this area.

It would be especially reckless to knowingly allow a utility whose structural integrity and design strength is based on the stability of the ground on which it is set, to be placed in this area. 

In addition; any structures in said area would hinder and interfere with any future corrections or adjustments that this sloped area may need in the future, hamstringing current and / or future property owners".


Correspondence; August 2008; Anthony Lacaria

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