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1. Are There Any Similar Situations?

Yes. In southern West Virginia a documenter films drainage dispensing down through a woman's property and over her home's adjacent outside steps. The downtrodden woman states that the company's engineer informed her that the drainage was an Act of God. The documenter interviews others as well and presented images of past commercial undertakings.  

Though the situations are similar, There Are Differences between the above documentary and these documentaries:

  • These Documentaries Illustrate Partnered Governmental and Private Entities, who incrementally implemented stages of designed-in Construction Failures. Stages, which were legally arranged, so the uninitiated could not tell where one began or the other ended.

  • These documentaries were not investigations into past events. Cause and Effects were recorded in real time, as they occurred.

  • Said documentaries also presented historical notices of future detrimental situations Before They Occurred, with what appears to be, unnatural accuracy.
2. Were There Any Studies Completed Before Developmental Expansion Occurred?

Yes. Our forced removal was the overriding aspect of vested interest's infrastructure plan.

3. How could the above be engaged?

A concept taken beyond the adage of I Didn't Do It, Nobody Saw Me Do It, There's No Way You Can Prove Anything...

4. What concept?

Concerted strategies to avoid all liability for dubious constructs and utility infrastructures, that were arranged in such a fashion, that the only outcome would be partial to complete failures.

5. What Strategies?

Hold others totally responsible for all adverse effects.

6. What Were The Results In A Nutshell?

Massive drainage damage that effected public and private property, along with various private and public accesses and utility infrastructures. Minimalist and questionable partner retroactive corrections were engaged in response to State Regulatory Agencies.

7. The Importance?

Drainage is one of many manipulative tools. in regard to developmental and commercial endeavors of self interest. With that said; West Virginia's downtrodden, and senior citizens alike, have dealt with these practices for years. Thus, we were dealing with entities who were very experienced in managing these long held practices and how to play them out in current society; politically and legally.

8. How Does One React To It All?

An International Professional, with a Resume Inclusive to Multiple Topographies and forms of Government examined the Partner's Endeavors, and noted that the Release of Drainage onto another Property Owner is Absolutely Forbidden. As such leads to Strong Emotional Reactions.

Also, the allowed actions of WV's Geopolitical is not unique in the world. Nor is West Virginia's Topology. However Geopolitically created situations, of this degree, were never expected to be found in America.

9. What Of the Examination of October of 2011?

A message from Munich was received and forwarded to the City of Bridgeport. We waited a few months and heard nothing. Three months later, an associate and I would discover record changes at the Harrison County Courthouse. Upset officials would not allow copies of the record changes to be made. Nevertheless, images of said documents were obtained anyway. With that stated; Reactionary record changes and "kumbaya" style news articles were normal and expected to damaging events or our letters of inquiry. Howerver, the level of record changes and the explanations for such was surreal. Adversarial entities had taken the situation to a coordinative higher level.

10. The Why?

There are only three reasons for the record changes which moved governmental and private properties to the city of Clarksburg WV:

1. The City Of Bridgeport / Partners egregiously attempted to remove a family of respected citizens. In that regard upper entities were removing Bridgeport from complete and overall oversight.

2. The City of Bridgeport / Partners failed to remove a family of expendable citizens. Thus, managing entities were going to now front Clarksburg in the attempt.

3. Larger Developmental Appeasement Plans between the historically warring Cities of Clarksburg and Bridgeport revealed itself, and a paper trail to confuse future investigating auditors were created.

Some may like to believe reason 1. However, a decade of reality dictates that reasons 2 and / or 3 are the only reasons.

11. What About The future?

A de-coupling effect occurred amongst developmental partners. Developmental situations have been thrown out ten years, thus attorney management has set a stage of "passing time" by waiting for predictable episodic or broad wide-ranging topographical spasms to occur. Large legacy portions of Bridgeport have already been effected and like cancer, it will spread.

12. What Is Passing the Time?

Governing and managerial "passing the time strategies" which were not allowed to exist a mere fifteen years ago, have snuck up on the populace. The human condition has been quantified into the equation of geo-political endeavors. Endeavors that require incidents to occur before actions are taken. A Relevant Example is provided. Dangerous occurrences have been negated outside the possibility of engaging insurance companies and / or legal actions toward an end.

13. What About Governmental Preclusion?

The biggest threat to any society is un-accountable entities that rule, co-exist and in some cases cower citizens within a community toward an unknown end. The aggressive behavior, we and others endured, is recognized as absolutely wrong within the three modern forms of established government; Capitalism, Communism or Socialism.

However; We had / have been dealing with a Medieval style of Government that utilized the reserves of higher government to unwittingly support it through its structural levels. However, Extensive documentation of open and notorious acts of long duration, along with subtle International attention raises the overall situation to a realm far beyond the physical borders of West Virginia.

14. What About Assistance?

We were informed that entity(s) existed that could not be challenged. You would be put through legal appeals all the way to the supreme court. A judge could be politically motivated and throw your case out. If a judge ruled in your favor you would be defeated anyway as ten years of your life would have been spent up, any perceived win; hollow. We would be made an example of to others who dared question these entity/s.

We were out of the public eye and in a proverbial corner, pummeled, did not comprehend why, had no alternatives. Our initial lack of understanding and offers to assist a situation that was unknowingly managed by attorneys, and out of the hands of perceived governing bodies, resulted in a lack of awareness that almost led to our un-doing. This fact cost our family, other vulnerable entities more than can be explained, accepted or understood by the populace.

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